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MBA In Australia

Samrat GuttulaMay 08, 2013Australia

Hi ,

It's been a great experience to be at Melbourne. The climate, the people and the country overall is very nice - a must see in one’s lifetime. My first day at Victoria University was really great! The people over here are very friendly and also informative. You never run out of information, where ever you go and whatever circumstance you are in you'll just get the right information from anyone you ask.

Regarding the services provided by ISAM Overseas Consultancy, they had given the best advice and help that one needs to have before traveling to a foreign nation.

Right from day one when I joined ISAM Overseas Consultancy as a student, they provided information on all the relevant topics and the care they took about the selection of university to the final stage of my visa process was simply flawless.

I can say this because I had started my quest at ISAM Overseas Consultancy Bangalore office and then shifted my counsel office to Vizag [less travel as I am a Vizag native] and then again I shifted to Hyderabad office [for getting my Passport stamped from the Australian High Commission]. They worked very fast and with great accuracy! They are really the fore-runners and I reckon they are the best of consultants!!

Samrat Guttula